How The Programs Work

The state licensed counselor interviews the clients and pairs each client with a horse or horses.  Under the supervision of a horse specialist, the clients are given tasks, such as moving their horses to a Horse's faceparticular area without touching the horses.  This enables the clients to learn about the horses and themselves.  After the tasks are completed, the group discusses their insights, feelings, and experiences.

A bond develops between the horses and the clients.  The clients learn to trust these large animals with big eyes, curious noses, and alert ears and, although the horses don’t use words, they communicate.  All interaction is done on the ground; no riding occurs in our equine assisted counseling.  The clients may lead, groom, hug, and pat the horses.  They often whisper or talk to the horses.

We offer counseling services for Individuals, Families, and Groups.  We also offer learning programs for school or business groups

Group Programs:

  • Stable Girls – Group of adolescent girls working on self esteem and behavioral issues
  • Cowboy Up – Group of adolescent boys working on pride development and behavioral issues
  • H.A.L.T.E.R – Group of elementary aged children working on communication, teamwork, social anxiety, and other related topics
  • Pasture Limits – Group for parenting issues
  • Hold Your Horses! – Group of adolescents working on anger management

Learning Programs:

  • Pony Pages – Literacy tutoring for elementary age and special education students
  • Counting Ponies – Math tutoring for elementary age and special education students
  • Leading a Horse – Small groups of teenagers practicing leadership skills
  • Teamwork Training – Learn to work as a team and a cohesive unit

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Two horses thumbnailStable Girls and Cowboy Up are group programs for adolescent girls and boys.  Groups meet for twelve weekly sessions working in the natural settings of arenas and stables with horses under the guidance of a counselor and horse specialist.  Our clients are referred by school counselors, private mental health therapists, and child services.  These clients are considered at-risk, having issues at school, at home, or in the community.  Their issues include self-esteem, self -image, anger, anxiety, stress, and abuse.

Hold Your Horses! is a group anger management program for adolescent girls and boys.  Group meets for 10 weeks, working with horses under the guidance of a counselor and horse specialist.  These clients work toward learning to manage their anger in a more adaptive way.
barn horseH.A.L.T.E.R, Horses Altering Lives Through Education and Recreation, is a social skills program for elementary school aged children.  The group focuses on communication, teamwork, social anxiety, and other related topics.  Through group work children learn to cooperate and build important life skills.
Counting Ponies is a math tutoring program for special education and elementary students.  Under the direction of a licensed teacher, students work on skills such as mathematical thinking, fact practice, and computation – all the while having fun with the horses.  No referral is necessary.

Ponies - Facebook MainPony Pages is a tutoring program for special education and elementary students in reading and writing.  Upon completion of the program, students should show improvement in reading fluency, reading comprehension, and writing.  An improved attitude towards literacy is also expected.

Leading a Horse is a group learning program for small groups of teenagers who will focus on leadership skills using our therapy horses.


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