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“Horses helping humans one stride at a time”

Dear Friends,

We are so excited about the children, teens and families in our community being reached through Opening Gates equine (horse)-assisted counseling services. The word is out about the breakthroughs that have been happening within clients that we serve. Many of our clients are children and teens referred to us for treatment from local residential treatment facilities, Child Protective Services, the school corporation and other local mental health agencies.

We need your help!!! Right now, 100% of Paddock Partner donations go directly toward the care of the horses used at Opening Gates. The horses are what make our program unique, and quite honestly, more effective. Some of the horses used are “rescues” and some have special needs. These rescues would have been deemed as useless and “put down,” but we have given them a new and wonderful purpose. These horses are helping people become successful in their daily lives. How awesome is that!?!

All of our staff is certified to perform this type of service. We have a licensed mental health counselor that has worked in our community for several years. Our equine specialists are certified as well. All of our staff complete continuing education hours yearly. We are dedicated and committed to this organization and believe in what we do.

You’ve heard “It takes a village to raise a child”—we say it takes a community to help itself. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of helping those in our community to receive much needed counseling services? Most of our clients cannot afford to pay for the sessions or can pay only very little. We never want to turn anyone away because they can’t pay.

That is where you can make a huge difference. If we each give a little, it can add up to a lot. Our mission at Opening Gates is to promote growth and learning to individuals and groups through equine assisted counseling in the natural setting of the horse farm. Would you be willing to help Opening Gates continue to help those in most need?

Choosing to donate to Opening Gates, Inc., means that 100% of your hard earned money will be reinvested in your community! If you decide to be a part, we have attached a donation slip for you to fill out. If you would like your donation to be used where it is most needed or to support a person’s treatment please specify on the donation form.

Thanking you in advance for your support.

Shara Wiesenauer, LMHC

P.S. How about telling others about it?  They may want to help too!!!

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